Guests looking to take back a souvenir for themselves or perhaps a gift to someone back home can now consider grabbing up some of our farm mugs and taking them back with you!  You will be reminiscing with every sip about your time spent in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains when you stayed at that little farm by the river.

Each accommodation has a supply of mugs on hand based on the maximum occupancy of that accommodation.  Feel free to check out here and simply take the number of mugs with you that you have paid for.  If you would like additional mugs we are happy to bring you more! IN THE ABSENCE OF CHECKING YOUR MUGS OUT HERE WE WILL CHARGE YOUR AIRBNB ACCOUT FOR ANY MUGS TAKEN FROM YOUR ACCOMMODATION.   EITHER WAY IS FINE WITH US AT YOUR CHOOSING.

**SPECIAL DISCOUNT**  When you check out with 4 T-shirts (on our T-shirt page) and 2 Mugs here you will receive 2 Mugs for FREE!