House Rules

-Your personal gate code is for your use only and should NOT be shared. Requests for events and/or hosting additional guests must be made, approved of, and paid for in advance. If you are interested in having personal guests join you on the farm please inquire.

-Our “Stay Here, Play Here” farm experiences can be found on our website under “Experiences”. They must be booked 24-hrs in advance and fill up quickly. 

-Because our farm “Experiences” are available only to lodging guests you should not sign up for any experiences that are outside of your scheduled stay. To be clear, you become a “lodging guest” at the stated check-in time of 4PM and you cease to be a lodging guest at the stated check-out time of 10AM.  Please schedule your activities accordingly. 

-As mentioned, our farm “Experiences” are not available to non-lodging guests however, we do make exceptions for personal visitors of lodging guests desiring to join a farm experience. When a lodging guest has registered to participate in a paid “Experience”, their personal guest(s) may gain access to the farm by registering and paying for the same experience on the same day and time as the lodging guest. If interested please inform us so we can make arrangements for your guests.

-All farm experiences involving animal encounters run Monday through Saturday only as we provide the animals a day of rest on Sundays.

-Respect all signage as some areas of the farm are off limits.

-Use caution when interacting with animals. Do not open or climb fences or otherwise access enclosed pastures. If on a tour inside the barns please do not open or enter barn stalls. Do not place hands or fingers through stall bars or any other animal enclosure.

-No unescorted guests are permitted inside the Exotic Animal Barn and only guests of ‘The Barn Loft’ are permitted inside the Equestrian Barn without an escort. Please respect these rules that are in place for the safety, security, and privacy of animals and guests.

NO PETS: Please understand that, due to the unique nature of our farm environment, our no pet policy also legally extends to service and emotional support animals.

NO SMOKING inside any of our accommodations whatsoever. NO smoking around our common guest areas to include: The Riverside Bathhouse and Grill, The Riverside Playground, The Riverside Gazebo, and The Swan Pond Gazebo. If smoking outdoors, at your designated campsite, please remember to property dispose of cigarette buts.

NO tampering with smoke detectors. Should your smoke detector need attention please notify us immediately.

-Please do NOT use any of our couches as beds. If your accommodation includes a pull out sleeper sofa please do not sleep on the mattress and/or pillows without first covering with proper linens that are provided.

-Bathroom towels, hand towels, and washcloths are to remain inside the bathrooms and should never be used for cleaning of cookware or dishes. Dishtowels and dish clothes are provided.

-We are on a septic system. Please do not flush ANYTHING other than human waste and toilet paper down the toilets. Bags are provided for the disposal of feminine hygiene products into the trash can.

-The pool is not available to guests per TN regulations that prohibit residential pools from being used for commercial use. Sorry, we did try.

-The River IS available for swimming and you may easily enter and exit via our private boat ramp. We only ask that you please do not enter the yard area around the cabin. This yard and fishing dock is for the private use and enjoyment of The Riverside Cabin guests only.

-Swimming in the river is AT YOUR OWN RISK!

NO DIVING into the river from the fishing dock, bulkhead, riverbank, tree, or any other structure.

-The area immediately around the cabin, including the right had side of the boat ramp, is reserved for cabin guests only. All others may access and/or fish from the bulkhead on the left side of the boat ramp, opposite the cabin.

-Please drive slowly on the farm as we have free range animals on the property.

-Do not feed the farm animals without permission.

-Do not leave food outside in the grilling area.

-Please be sure to turn off and clean gas grills after each use. A scraper/brush is provided at each grill.

-All trash must be bagged, tied, and placed in trash can provided. Please also keep the bungee strap secured on all outdoor trash cans.

-Fires allowed only in provided fire pit. NO BONFIRES!

-The state of Tennessee prohibits the entry of out-of-state firewood unless it has been certified, heat-treated and properly labeled. For this reason we have made it a policy not to allow any outside wood to be brought onto the farm. You are welcome to purchase LOCAL firewood from us. Please see our Farm Shop here on the website.

-Please respect quiet hours of 10PM to 8AM.

-Because we take extreme precautions with the health of our flock please understand that access to the chicken coops is restricted.

-Lastly, please know that we LOVE sharing the farm with our guests but ask that you PLEASE RESPECT THE AREA AROUND OUR PRIVATE HOME. Guests have full access of the driveway from the main entrance all the way to the river. This provides a great running track or nice place for sunrise/sunset strolls. The driveways to the right of the guest driveway are for personal family use only. This would also include the yard to right of said driveway.

 Thanks a bunch for your understanding and compliance.