In December of 2021 we welcomed Ed and Abu here to our farm and, to our knowledge, they are the first camels to ever reside in Polk County, Tennessee!  Ed and Abu are single humped, dromedary camels, as opposed to their close relatives the bactrian camels which sport 2 humps. Camels are friendly and curious creatures and have a long history of being used domestically for transportation of people and goods. In many parts of the world it is not at all uncommon to see these majestic creatures either at work or grazing in their owners pastures however, for most people here in the United States, seeing a camel up close is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!  Here on the farm we’re excited to provide you this opportunity! During your camel encounter you will not only get to see them up close but you will have the opportunity to ride, pet, and interact with the camels so you will definitely want to bring your cameras out to this one!

  • This experience is for lodging guests only.  All others see “Events”, “Hump Day”.
  • No solo riders under the age of 5 
  • Please allow 45 minutes to an hour for this experience.
  • Ride time will run approximately 6-8 minutes.
  • MAXIMUM RIDER WEIGHT LIMIT OF 250.  Riders may be weighed.
  • Parent may ride with young child, 3 and up, so long as their combined weight does not exceed our limit.
  • All riders must purchase their own ride however, your time will be doubled if riding together.  

Liability Waiver must be signed by, or on behalf of, all guests lodging with us and/or participating in our Events and Experiences.