Out here on the farm we are always looking for “natural” alternatives as well as ways to support other local small businesses.  These locally, hand crafted soaps allow us to meet both of those goals!  These are NOT the small, sample size, soaps that you may have come across in various gift shops!  These are full, plus size bars, totaling approximately 5-6 oz. meaning that these awesome smelling soaps are going to last you!

Each of our guest bathrooms are stocked with a sample of 8 different scents which you are welcome to shop from and check-out here online.  If you are interested in a scent that is not on display in your bathroom you may pull from our full display on your Farm Tour or we are happy to bring all of the scents out to your accommodation so that you can choose from them there. FAIR WARNING, you’re gonna want them all!

  • Soaps are $9/each or 3/$25
  • The bundling option is only available in person via Cash, PayPal or Venmo
  • A descriptive list of all our scents is provided inside your guest binder
  • Please remember to include name of lodging when checking out


Goats Milk Soap


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